Friday, November 16, 2012

The Chronicler - Chapter 4 & 100th Post

Chapter 4
            I could feel a warm, welcoming presence and hear faint, soothing pops and crackles. I suspected both came from the same pleasing source: a lit fireplace. My speculation was confirmed when I noticed the gentle flickering of flames through my eyelids. Upon opening my eyes, I was expecting to be back in front of my fireplace, before all of the strange happenings had occurred and that everything was just a dream. To my surprise, the fireplace was most certainly not mine. After a quick glance around, I would have assumed the entire residence was not mine, but unfortunately, I found nothing but a thick black fog surrounding what seemed to be a lounge or a study.
            The ‘setting’ seemed very basic and austere, with no defining limitations, due to the lack of a solid ceiling or walls. I could only identify what was illuminated by the hearth: a desk, a small coffee table, the couch that I was rested upon, a large red armchair and the wooden flooring, covered by an ornate rug. The desk was cluttered with papers, old unkempt books, a burned out candle, and a large orange crystal, presumably a knowledge crystal of sorts, being held up by a dazzling silver stand. Adorning the elegant hand-carved coffee table was a selection of ancient tomes of magic and sorcery from all over the spiral, including Krokotopia and Avalon. These tomes must be worth a fortune, yet are simply strewn about, rather than being locked away in an enchanted display case, where they will be protected from thieves.
Above the fireplace hung a few paintings of worlds I had never seen or imagined before. Though all were fascinating, one in particular caught my eye, for it was the centerpiece of the set and had the most exquisite frame of all. The painting depicted a world among the clouds, supported by magic, which was produced from four towers surrounding the city. Upon further study, the relatively birds-eye-view perspective caused the painting to appear almost as some sort of map. Markings were drawn on the painting, noting locations of particular importance with stars or X’s.
“What is this place?” I thought to myself. “Where is this place? Am I dead? Did I die from the fall? Where is Lamont? Why is th-” The questions I had been asking myself were abruptly interrupted by a deep, gravelly voice.
The man spoke up, “Ah, you’re finally here, young wizard. I have been expecting you for quite some time…”
“What? Who are you? What is this place?” I responded eagerly.
“My name is Signius Ulterior, but most know me as The Chronicler of the Spiral. This ‘place’ is my tower, hidden to those who may seek to defile it.”
“Why am I here? How did I get here?” I further questioned.
“You are not physically here, my lad, but you are in a state of mental connection, allowing me to communicate with, and guide you.”
“Wait a minute, you mean I’m having a vision right now? No way, that’s preposterous. I must be dead or something,” I quickly responded.
Signius assured me that it was a true vision, “Because of your strong mental strength you are able to see rather than just hear. It’s a great talent, you should be very proud. Anyhow, I have brought you here, because my homeland, Caelum, is in terrible danger.”
Caelum. If I remember correctly from my studies, I believe that is Latin for Sky. Could it possibly be?
“A great evil is threatening to steal and harness the power of the Galvanic Towers. They provide enough magic to keep Caelum afloat, and allow the inhabitants to continue their work.”
I point toward the painting that I inspected earlier, “Is that Caelum?”
“Indeed it is, Austin. It was a gift from a friend. He told me it would come in handy someday, though I still do not understand why he marked the places he did. That is one of the few things I may never know.”
“How do you know my name?!” I questioned impatiently.
“I am the Chronicler, lad. I can see much about the spiral, its past and even its future. Next to that, knowing names seems like merely child’s play. Allow me to tell you more about Caelum’s history so that you may develop a deeper understanding of its presence in the spiral. You know the story of the Legendary War, yes?”
“Of course,” I responded quickly “Bartleby’s children, the Dragons, the Giants, and the Tritons all began to fight for power. The Dragons ruled the lands, the Giants ruled the skies, and the Tritons ruled the seas. Each called upon elemental powers in an attempt to defeat their brothers. The Giants summoned up enough Ice magic to create grand fortresses among the clouds, but the Dragons retaliated with their power of fire to melt down the barricades. In the meantime, the Tritons called upon the winds and seas to bash the Dragons on land. The fighting between such powerful creatures was enough to split the world apart into fragments. Each of these fragments became inhabited by a different species, yet were all still linked together by Bartleby and Grandmother Raven, forming what is known as the spiral. Though there is no true record or evidence of who won the Legendary War, it is highly believed that the Giants of the Sky were the superior race.”
“Very good, Mr. Swifthorn! Your knowledge is quite astounding and extensive. You must have a very wise professor to have collected so much of the Spiral’s rich history. Those who believe that the Giants of the Sky were the champions of the Legendary War are partially correct. Though the Giants did not physically defeat their brothers, they were able to acquire enough leverage to convince their brothers to accept an agreement on their terms. This deal stated that the Ice Giants would spare their brethren, as long as they were given partial power of both fire and storm, so that they may rule the spiral, bending it to please their wishes. After full power had been achieved by the giants, the Ice Titan, Ymir, ordered a grand palace be built in the skies, so that he may look down upon his brothers. Ymir created a race of Imps to inhabit his kingdom and do his biddings. It was not until Ymir was sent into a state of eternal slumber, and stowed away in Wintertusk in hopes of never being found, that the grand sky kingdom had been liberated, and the Imps were free to pursue their own lives. From their creator’s elemental nature, these creatures eventually evolved into Weather Imps, known as the Kaviin, and now control the precipitation and main winds throughout the spiral.”
“Honestly, I still don’t see what any of this has to do with me. Sure I may be able to have some vision or something, but that doesn’t constitute the ability to save Caelum, does it?”
“I have selected you for this journey, because you subconsciously reached out to help, to save a land lost to the blinding corruption of power-starved rulers, who believe they are destined to rule the spiral. You chose to hear the cries and pleas that will be made, if not for your aid.”
That moaning sound I heard in the Wizard City Commons…That was the crying of innocent lives caught on a path headed for destruction?
Signius Ulterior continued, “Caelum had become a peaceful land after the fall of Ymir and the rise of the Council. The Council was able to show the great clouded citadel of Caelum a new way to live, without fear, and without pain. For this, the inhabitants rejoiced and vowed to change the perception of Caelum, and rid it of all bad associations.”
“By Council, do you mean the Council of Light?”
“Of course! The Council of Light consisted of Merle Ambrose, Lydia Greyrose, Emperor Yoshihito of Mooshu, King Artorius of Avalon, Diego Santiago Quariquez Ramirez III, Alhazred the Wise, Chancellor Kegrus of Celestia, King Valgard Goldenblade of Grizzleheim, and Lady Nalia Sandbloom of Mirage. They had formed in response to Ymir’s rising, once they had heard of his plans to seize power of the spiral. Seeing no other option for the safety of the spiral, the Council united their magic to force the Ice Titan into a state known as the Eternal Night. The Council watched over Ymir for a few more years to be certain that the spell cast upon him could never be broken. Seven years after Ymir’s Eternal Night began, the Council ruled that the Ice Titan was no longer a threat, and they began to focus on new dangers that may threaten the spiral. The council slowly began to fall apart, until only Merle Ambrose, Lydia Greyrose, Diego Santiago Quariquez Ramirez III, Emperor Yoshihito and Alhazred remained. Without the full power of the Council, it was found unfit for protecting the spiral and chose to disband, seeing as they had accomplished the only true purposed of their creation. Merle Ambrose returned to Wizard City to resume as headmaster and offered a professorship to Lydia Greyrose in the art of Ice Magic. Ambrose also asked Diego if he would be interested in teaching dueling at Ravenwood, and thus, he became known as Diego the Duelmaster. Emperor Yoshihito left for Mooshu and reclaimed the throne from his trusted friend, Noboru Akitame. As for Alhazred, he ventured back to his homeland of Krokotopia to continue his study of the spiral and its flow of magic.
If you are to begin your journey, young wizard,” the Chronicler grabbed a sealed envelope from his desk and handed it to me, “you will need to talk with me in person first. This letter should help clarify the current situation.”
“Who----it----” My voice seemed to be fading. “Who is----” I glanced at Signius in confusion.
“The vision-----failing-----Once you-------need to-------Hurry, you-------luck.”
The room was being quickly swallowed by a thick dark mist, only that which was within a few feet was still visible, but greatly obscured. Glancing at the envelope, I realized that I must have opened it subconsciously while the Chronicler tried to explain my next move. I turned my attention to where he had been standing, but Signius was already gone, consumed by the approaching fog. Upon seeing that it would be impossible to further communicate with him, I skimmed the document in which one line caught my eye; the valediction read: “Sincerely, your friend, Merle.”

*     *     *

So I've had this for awhile now and figured I should go ahead and post it since I plan on continuing my story. This way all of the chapters can stay together. The actual blogging and updating portion is still on hiatus/headed for cancellation. But hey, this is the 100th post for The Singed Cover! *Hooray!*

~Austin Swifthorn

Friday, September 28, 2012

Phoenix Hoard

Phoenix Hoard

Game Card Pack

A new Dragonspyre inspired game card pack is here! With a chance at the fierce two person Phoenix Mount, the Phoenix Hoard has cool new epic and ultra rare items for your Wizard.
Buy Crowns
In addition to the Phoenix mount, this new game card pack gives players a chance at tons of other cool new items!
  • - Gargoyle Pet
  • - Dragon Lance, Dragon Pike, and Dragon Spear Wands
  • - New Glorious Avenger Armor Gear Sets
  • - New Pet Snacks
  • - New Plants including the Boiled Peanut, the Melting Cheese Tree, the Clock Flower and Snow Apples
See what cool items you can get for your Wizard by checking out the Phoenix Hoard pack in the Crown Shop today!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wizard101 Turns 4!

I can't believe it's already been four years since Wizard101's release! To commemorate this special day, KingsIsle is giving anyone that enters in the code "4thbirthday" between now and September 4th, a free Krokotopian Ship Housing Item!

Go Here to view the news page but remember, you need to enter the code between today and September 4th!

~Austin Swifthorn

Friday, August 31, 2012

Purreau's Pet Pack!

Purreau's Pet Pack has arrived!
Our newest game card pack is filled with brand new Pets and Pet goodies!
 12 new Pets with new talents to train for!
 Variety of new Pet snacks
 New seeds for gardening
 Assortment of Pet themed housing items

With Purreau's Pet Pack, you can build your own empire of cool Pets. Check it out in the Crown Shop today!

I've been incredibly busy with this first week back in school, so I know, I'm late to post this, and I don't have any time to explore this pack and give you more in-depth details, so I guess you'll just have to check it out yourself! 

It is a REALLY awesome pack though and the new pets are looking pretty sweet! I heard that there are new Derby Track Themes for your Music Player in this pack...Can't wait to check them out!

You can read more about the contents of this pack on the Wizard101 Central Wiki!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Update to an Update

Added to the Update Notes containing the Mega Pets, PvP Changes, Elixirs and more, is the Cross Game Friend Finder! This feature will allow you to use FriendFinder codes to bridge the gap between Wizard101 and Pirate101, easily allowing friends to add each other without the hassle of working out a server meet-up.

In other news, the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) was lifted from Pirate101 the other day, allowing beta testers to share pictures and other content with those who didn't get a chance to beta test. With this action, KingsIsle has moved one step closer to the release of Pirate101 to the public.

You can read more about the specifics of how the Cross Game Friend Finder works in the Update Notes.

~Austin Swifthorn

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

House-a-Palooza *Over*

Are you a decorating pro in the game or wanting to get your feet wet with your first Wizard101 house? If so, welcome to House-a-Palooza to save on all your housing needs!

Starting August 14th through August 21st,
save up to 50% OFF Houses 

and Housing Items in the Crown Shop!

  • Houses and select Housing Items areup to 50% OFF! their Crowns prices!
  • 12 New Avalon furniture items
  • Additional Castle Space Elixir now available in the Crown Shop!
  • 50% OFF Emperor's Attic Pack
  • Fansite contests, code giveaways and more!
Buy Crowns
Create the Wizard101 house of your dreams during House-a-Palooza. All Crown houses, including the amazing Magic School houses, have their Crowns prices dropped! On top of the great deals, we’ve also added new Avalon housing items to the Crown Shop. These items are available for purchase in either Crowns or Gold.

For the first time ever, the Additional Castle Space elixir is available in the Crown Shop. Now you can have even more houses!
Stay tuned for more House-a-Palooza giveaways and contests!

Check out the House-a-Palooza

Contests and Giveaways

going on at these great fansites!

Visit these Wizard101 fansites below from now until August 23rd for a chance to win a Wizard101 house! More information on contests and giveaways on the following fansites:

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Wizard101 Celebrates...Shark Week?

It's that time of the year again, where we celebrate the deadliest and most dangerous sea creatures: Sharks!

I've always thought that it was odd to celebrate an animal with such a terrible reputation, but in fact, sharks do not often attack humans unprovoked, but they can mistake a surfboard for a seal... Reassuring, right?

Did you know?:

  • Sharks first appeared in the ocean 400 million years ago, which is long before dinosaurs appeared on the Earth (230 million years ago).
  • The Great White Shark eats nearly 11 tons of food a year, while humans only eat close to half of a ton.
  • Sharks can generate up to 40,000 pounds per square inch of pressure in a single bite.
  • The skeleton of a shark is made of cartilage, an elastic tissue that is much softer than bones. This allows for better mobility.
  • 30 to 50 Shark attacks are reported each year. That seems like nothing next to the staggering 7+ million humans that inhabit the Earth.
  • Ever wonder why you only find sharks teeth scattered about in the ocean? Teeth can withstand the corrosive nature of saltwater, but cartilage...not so much.
To celebrate shark week, Wizard101 is giving away free 1-day shark mounts to everyone! Make sure to head over to to redeem yours using the code: sharkweek.
For more facts and fun shark games, visit the Discover Kids Shark Week page.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pirate101 Beta Codes are going out!

Opening Soon?  You Beta-Believe It.
Ready to pioneer your way into Pirate101? Closed Beta is here with brand new combat, characters, and storyline that we know you're ready to try out!

Closed Beta invitations are beginning to go out... will you be a lucky one? Keep your eyes peeled on social media for KingsIsle games and our fan site partners for Closed Beta key giveaways.
Puppet Shows Preview!

Pirate101 has a plethora of new stories, and what better way to learn even more about the Spiral than through Puppet Shows? Preview the brand new storytelling style in Pirate101.

See Puppet Shows Preview »
More Answers to Your Questions!Your Pirate101 Questions Answered!

We’ve answered your top Pirate101 questions! Can I play Pirate101 and Wizard101 at the same time? Can you tell me more about Beta?

Read Frequently Asked Questions »
Pirate101 Concept Gallery!

We’ve added many more images to the Pirate101 concept art gallery. Have you been wondering if you’ll see any familiar faces in MooShu? Check out the worlds of Pirate101, ships, and new glimpses into MooShu!

View Concept Art Gallery »
View Concept Art

Wow I'm super stoked for these Beta Codes to finally be going out! Can't wait to see if I'll get one and get a look at the game! Seem's like it is time to start putting Pirate101 news into this blog! ;) Let's end this post with a message from J Todd Coleman, the Co-Creator of Wizard101 & Pirate101:

Hey gang,

This morning we announced the official start of the “Beta Test” for Pirate101. This is a big moment for us here at KingsIsle, and I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for helping us make it happen.

As you can imagin
e, Pirate101 has come a long way from it's inception a few years ago. Over the past few years, I have had the distinct pleasure of watching this game grow from an idea, to a sometimes-playable/sometimes-wonky prototype, to a fully functional virtual world and many hundreds of hours of fantastic content.

Our team has put in decades -- literally, if you laid them end-to-end -- of combined effort to bring you this fantastic new addition to the 101 universe. The art, the technology, the game systems, the story -- countless days and nights were spent dreaming, building, testing, breaking, ripping apart, rebuilding and then polishing to a (near) shine every aspect of this game.

As you know (or will find out shortly, if you haven't gotten in, yet) our work isn't done yet. We aren't quite there, but... we are close! Beta is an unbelievably exciting milestone for us -- we finally get to show off what we've been working on, and it's scary and exhilarating, all at the same time. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am fairly certain it isn't a train.

To our testers: I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for helping us test this game before we share it with the world. In helping us knock out the final kinks, you are taking a part -- and vital part -- of the creation of this world.

To our community: without you, and the unbelievable amount of support that you have shown Wizard101, we wouldn’t be here today. Because of you, I get to wake up every morning and spend my days thinking up funny stories about Ninja Pigs and Monkey Conquistadors (Monquistadors!), and working with the best team on the planet making games that I love. I cannot express to you how thankful I am for these opportunities that your love of Wizard101 has given to me and my team.

We made this game for you, our players, and we hope that you'll love playing it as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you.

Our goal for Pirate101 was simple: we wanted to create a worthy companion game (not successor!) to Wizard101.

Easy to say, harder to achieve. Wizard101 is our first love, so it's a pretty lofty goal.

But I think maybe -- just maybe -- we might have pulled it off.

At the end of the day, that's for you to decide.

See you in the Spiral!

J Todd Coleman
Co-Creator, Wizard101 & Pirate101

Friday, August 3, 2012

Test Realm Updates - Mega Pets, PvP Tweaks, New Elixirs and More!

It's been quite awhile since we've had a blog worthy update in the Wizarding world, huh? Well today, Kingsisle has once again torn open the curtains revealing a few major updates as well as a ton of minor ones.

You can view the entire page of update notes here.

Pet Updates

The largest new bundle of content in August's Miscellaneous Update is the introduction of the Mega Pet status. No longer is Epic the final stage of a pet's training, but Mega, which gives an additional 5th talent and 5th derby skill. New talents can also be achieved, such as stun resist, critical chance, healing boosts and armor piercing.

Staying with the pet theme, two new pet training games have made their way to the spiral! They are the Grumpy Gobblers and the Way of the Ninja Pig.  Both come with five stages that offer different attribute boosts like the other games in the Pet Pavilion.

Still talking about pets, a bunch of new pet snacks can be found as loot from enemies roaming the spiral, as well as from Broc Connery, the new Arena Pet Snacks Vendor who accepts arena tickets in exchange for high quality snacks. Broc can be found in the Pet Pavilion.

More Potions!

When viewing the Crowns shop (in the test realm of course) you should be able to find three new potions, or elixirs:
Hatching Elixir: This will hatch all the eggs you currently have in your backpack.
Purreau's Potion #9: This will reset your hatching timer and allow you to hatch two pets immediately.
Crafting Elixir: This will reset all of your Crafting Countdown timers.
Note: These Elixirs are crowns only.

PvP Changes

In the past, the formula for pairing up teams didn't account for the teaming of lower level wizards with higher level wizards and produced some unfair matches. Now the formula has been altered to rely more on level of the entire team. Hopefully this will prevent what was known as "puppet teams."

In other PvP news, Celestia, Wysteria, Zafaria and Avalon now have their own PvP Arenas that you could end up in! New PvP rewards can also be purchased from Diego for Arena Tickets.

Map Update

Just a small quick, but super helpful update: Kingsisle has added quest icons to the map! When there is a yellow circle around an icon, that mean that you need to interact or talk with that object/person.

Several Miscellaneous updates include:
  • The ability to dye more clothes
  • Item name changes
  • Casting animation fixes
  • Loop and Shuffle options on music players
  • More music scrolls
  • Quest fixes
  • New housing items
  • And other minor changes
Enjoy exploring the new Test Realm Updates!
~Austin Swifthorn

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Knight's Lore In-Game Pack

Knight's Lore
Game Card Pack

New Spells from the
Knight's Lore Pack!

The Knight's Lore pack is here, and with it your Wizard has a chance to gain entirely new spells!
    There's also a chance to get other cool new items including:
  • Night King's Armor
  • Darkfire Longbow Weapon
  • Minstrel Pet
  • Treasure Cards
  • Bobblehead Housing Decorations
  • and Much More!
The spells from the Knight's Lore Pack are reward spells, and do not cost your Wizard a training point. They will go into your spellbook just like any spell you have learned from a trainer, and they will not disappear when you sell your spells back for Training Points with Mr. Lincoln. They will obey the rules of a normal spell, meaning you can blade, trap, enchant etc. If you receive a spell from the Knight's Lore Pack, it will not appear as a reward again on that character. You cannot delete or sell these special spells.
Buy Crowns
These three spells are also available through crafting.

Catalan Spell

Deer Knight Spell

Handsome Fomori Spell

Powerpips & Knight's Lore Spells

Knight's Lore Pack spells will obey the rules of pips and powerpips. If you are a Myth Wizard and receive a Myth spell it will use your pips and powerpips accordingly. If you are a Balance Wizard and receive a Myth spell, it will use your pips & powerpips accordingly. If you are wearing a Myth Mastery Amulet, it will use your pips & power pips accordingly.